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Social Media Help Desk

Available to all levels from beginners to advanced, the USLI Social Media Help Desk offers the following to our customers:

  • The latest social media news and trends*
  • Development resources, tools and how-to’s*
  • Advice for various social media platforms, Web analytics and online marketing tools via phone or email regarding social media for business
  • Feedback of your current social media strategy to build your social media presence

Download our guides Understanding
Social Media for Insurance

- Phase Five: Measuring Social
Media Success
- All Phases: Phase Four: Developing
Engaging and Quality Content, Phase
Three: Developing Your Strategy, Phase
Two: A Peek Into the Platforms and
Phase One: Introduction to Social Media

For questions or assistance with social media implementation, please contact us at 888-523-5545:

Christabel Gutierrez USLI Anthony Reto, ext. 2921 (,
Social Media Specialist
Tom Pepe Tom Pepe, ext. 2501
2nd VP, Director of Graphics & Social Media

Social Media Resources

Help Desk Webinars


Strategy/How to's

Experts and their sites







Social Media Policy

Monitor and Measure

*This service is also available to our policyholders via our Business Resource Center.
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