Web Site Tools & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your company’s website can be an exceptional sales tool by providing information and outstanding convenience for customers. Getting your website in front of customers and increasing your visibility to potential customers can be overwhelming with acronyms, opinions, expensive programs and a significant learning curve. However, there are tools available, ready to provide you with the knowledge and technology needed to get optimal exposure online.

Web Site Management, Analytics & Search Engine Optmization

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However anyone can develop a website using template options available online for free or minimal purchase.

Wordpress' easy-to-use platform originally built for blogging can be used as an excellent tool to build and manage a robust website. It features simple text styling tools to craft your content and embed images. In addition, there are many free and inexpensive plugins for analytics, social media integration and so much more.

How do you make it look great? Wordpress offers a few free templates, but many advanced and superior options are available via our favorite Theme Forest for a very affordable cost. Installation is as simple as uploading a zip file downloaded from Theme Forest. We find that learning content insertion once inside the theme inside of Wordpress is the most challenging part of this process, so we advise that you purchase a template from a designer on Theme Forest that appears active and support to its customers. Look for those that have FAQs and videos, too.

More turnkey website design platforms:

Artisteer is a paid for software used to custom develop website templates and can even begin to populate page content. Templates can be exported as HTML to provide to a contracted designer or in many content management system formats like Wordpress and more.

The best place to start improving your website’s visibility is by understanding where your existing traffic is coming from and your visitor’s usage habits. There are a number of Web analytics programs available to provide this information, with Google Analytics being one of the most popular. Google Analytics is a free resource that provides statistical information about website visitors, search words used to find your site and usage habits such as duration of visit, most popular pages and downloads. Analytics programs offer the groundwork for the next step in improving website visibility. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) programs are two effective methods of increasing traffic to your Web site. Search engine optimization is a highly effective, no/low cost technique used to increase the natural (un-paid) visibility on a search engine using content, blogs, links and social media. Pay per click programs use words purchased from search engines to improve your website’s visibility. Using one method or a combination of both methods can give your website a boost in traffic and the potential for increased business.

The following resources will help you get started: