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USLI-SNAP is here to transform the way you do business online. You can access policy information, obtain a new quote in minutes, live chat with underwriters and more.

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What our customers are saying about USLI-SNAP

"I was nervous because I was so used to the old, but I love the new system!"
"Love, love, love the new system. It’s a snap!"

"I don't have questions at this time, but the new portal is a lot easier to navigate than before."
"The new USLI-SNAP website is easy to navigate whether to quote, look up policy for document or billing, and check claim history. I've been having a great experience with it!!"
"I really like the new system. It is very user friendly. You know when a risk meets your company UW guidelines right away. The classes are easy to find. It is so much better even when you are looking for billing information."

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An Overview of USLI-SNAP

  1. Home
    • Access a dashboard of office's recent activity
    • Easily retrieve, bind or edit existing quotes
    • Obtain information about existing polices and upcoming renewals
  2. Manage Policies
    • View coverage details and obtain policy documents
    • Get certificates of insurance
    • Locate forms and more and in the Forms Library
  3. Manage Payments
    • Manage, view and make payments for policies
    • Obtain Direct Bill invoices and policyholder payment information
    • Accounting contacts have access to Agency Billed account handling
  4. Run Reports
    • Obtain loss runs, Direct Bill commissions statements and renewal retention reports
    • Run productions and detail reports, including policy expiration lists
    • View customer scorecard, including written premium
  5. Start a Quote
    • Search for the right product or classification
    • Let our underwriters help in real time with phone and chat options
    • Bind in one touch
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